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Welcome to Turkey Foot's RTI MathCounts Program

Over the next several weeks we will be engaging with a problems from MATHCOUNTS in an effort to prepare you for the regional competition.  Only 10 of you will qualify for the competition but all of you will benefit greatly from having participated with this program.  A test will be taken at the conclusion of the training program covering all of the topics discussed and the top 10 students will qualify for the Chapter Competition. 

Over the past several years approximately 100 students have competed annually at the Chapter Competition.  The Chapter Competition will be held on Saturday, February 16, 2019 at Northern Kentucky University. The KSPE State Competition will be held on Saturday, March 23, 2018 in Lexington, Kentucky

The top student in the Regional Tournament receives a 4-year, full-tuition scholarship to the University of Kentucky (UK) or to Northern Kentucky University (NKU) or a 4-year, partial tuition scholarship to Western Kentucky University (WKU).   Their choice.

The 2nd place individual student is awarded a 4-year, full-tuition scholarship to NKU. 

At the State competition in March: Individual students who place 1st through 4th receive a 4-year, full-tuition scholarship to UK or the University of Louisville (UofL).  

Individual students who place 5th through 10th receive a 4-year $1,500 scholarship to UK or UofL. The top four individuals at the State competition receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Orlando, Florida for the National finals to be held May 12 and 13, 2018. 


During RTI each day we will cover topics that are part of the final exam.   A class grade for RTI will be given based on a student's participation in class not the final exam.  The final exam is only to determine the top 10 that will compete at the regional competition.  Suggestions to students on what to study will also be given weekly.  If a student is not able to study it will not effect their grade but will most likely impact their score on the final exam and hurt their chances of qualifying for the regional tournament.

9/17-9/21  This Week Topic is-  Statistics and Probability

9/24-9/28  This Week Topic Is-  Geometry